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Fulgor Hosting offers a diversity of webhosting services. For example, you can get a webhosting package for as little as € (EUR) 2.75 per month, but we also offer space for websites who transfer large quantities of data. Because every website is different, we don't work with predefined packages, but you can choose the options you want in your packages. This way, you'll never pay too much!

Traffic MB per month
0 - 8GB: € 0.50/100MB, from 8GB: € 0.40/100MB
Webspace MB
0 - 800MB: € (EUR) 0.65/100MB, from 800MB: € (EUR) 0.40/100MB
Domain name
Setup costs: € (EUR) 16.00, unlimited subdomains
0 - 8 accounts: € (EUR) 0.60/account, from 8 accounts: € (EUR) 0.50/account
If not: € (EUR) -0.50
Mysql DB's
€ (EUR) 0.50/database