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Besides the normal and known hostingservices, Fulgor Hosting also offers special hosting packages. With these the hosting possibilities with Fulgor Hosting are endless

Complete solutions

With complete solutions, we mean the (building and) maintenance of websites. Fulgor Hosting is experienced in providing such services. Websites like this can be very sipmle, but can also contain complicated database links. Because of this, it is possible to create websites which are easy to maintain by the customer itself (ie the addition of website content and the managing of forums). Complete solutions are often the perfect solutions for (starting) companies. If you are looking for such a solution, you can contact us.

Special services

Because all our servers use Linux as operating system, the hosting possibilities are endless. Also for our customers: you can host about every known hosting service with us. Examples are irc-servers, fileserver or any other server compatible with linux. The employees of Fulgor Hosting are such Linux-specialists, we can guarantee good functioning of your servers, even if the type of server is not common. Contact us for the possibilities!