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Fulgor Hosting only wants the best, so when we were looking for a network provider that suited our needs best we have payed special attention to the network quality. We have chosen for True Server, especially because of their great transit- and peeringconnections. Because of their quality network our ping times are always as good as they can be, in the whole world and not only in the Netherlands. Ping times are very important for hosting gameservers and because of this our servers have great pings and, most important, play lag free! Fulgor Hosting uses powerful linux servers which are capable of performing well under heavy conditions.

We are currently offering gameservers for: Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2003, Tactical Ops and America's army. Counterstrike will soon be available. We can also offer other games but there has to be a linux server (without license) available for the game. If you want us to host another game you can contact us.

To test our performance it's possible to test at one of our test servers:

These servers are not online 24/7, if you want to test and they are off-line you can contact us and we will put the server online.

Do u want to test a private server, to test with your clan mates or play a war , you can also contact us. We will put a test server online for you at the time you have requested.

Player count
FTP, F.U.P.* datausage, F.U.P.* mapspace, support
Looking for a different server? contact us!
Teamspeak 2 Slots
0 - 12 slots: € (EUR) 1.00/slot, from 12 slots: € (EUR) 0.90/slot
Website hosting
F.U.P.* data-usage, webspace, € (EUR) 2.50
* F.U.P.: Average use of the other customers within a month.