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On this page you will find an overview of our services.

  • Webhosting - We offer lots of different standard webhosting packages, but ofcourse we can also look for individual wishes of the customer.You can contact us if you want an custom made package, we will then send as soon as possible a quotation.
  • Domain Registration - We can register or reserve domains for our customers and offer this together with an webhosting package, but it's also possible to register a domain with only some e-mail accounts.
  • Gamehosting - Because of the fact that our netwerk provider is connected with the fastest servers in Europe, Azie and America and because of our 100mbit servers are connected with lots of peering partners (more then 9Gbit) we can offer our customers high quality gameservers. These servers perform well in the whole world and not only in the Netherlands. And our customers will get their own IP-adress and DNS name to make acces to their server as easy as possible.
  • Complete Solutions - The co-workers from Fulgor Hosting are all well trained specialists in internet solutions. They can realise all kinds of internet solutions, like building an website, building a Content Management System (CMS) or Database applications.
  • Special Internet Services. - Fulgor Hosting also offers all kinds of special internet solutions.You can think of hosting IRC servers, Teamspeak servers, Voice-over-IP products, custom Shell accounts and more. Fulgor Hosting is even willing to have a look at new solutions. If you want to let Fulgor Hosting care of a special internet solution you can contact us about it.